Welcome to Ossum!

Coming very soon, We are very excited to be officially releasing RALSTON The Brand New Self Entilted CD filled with a very unique blend of New Country and American lyrics that are the very Heart & Soul of everyone, from the West coast to the East, and a touch of that down home southern flavor. Also be looking for another annoucement on yet our second Country group to be releasing their first Ossum Possum CD within the next couple of months, they are a North Georgia Band that have been burning up the club scene and making fans drive many miles to see them preform, can't wait to make this Announcement! Later we will be offering more from Katie Call - as she will be working on a new CD that will include new versions of some of her favorites as well as new material. Remember, "Free To Live." Two versions to choose, both for our radio audiance listeners. The first version is a powerful, full instument radio version that just fills the room with our signature Ossum sound. The other version is a very spiritual and simple piano version that really puts Katie's amazing voice on full display. It will leave you breathless. Regardless of which version you like, you will not be disappointed! Our Radio Station partners will soon have access to download a copy of both versions, right here on our site. All that radio station programers will need to do is click on the "Radio" tab and enter the promo code that we will send you. For all of you who are already fans and aware of Katie, please look on iTunes, Google Music, AmazonMP3 and several other digital music download stores. 2013 Ossum Possum Records will be bringing you the Country Duo RALSTON with their own unique and regonizable sound. Remember you can follow us on our Facebook page. Soon, we will have Ossum gear that you can wear to show your support. You can now go to iTunes & take a listen, or purchase some of our songs including the Kim Carnes - "Everybody Needs Someone" from the Warner Bros. Movie soundtrack, "Impulse". Ossum Possum is growing and coming very soon there will be more great artist. The ole Possum is bringing us more great music, and that is Ossum...Ossum Possum Records, that is!

Our Mission:
Our goal at Ossum Possum is really very simple. To allow you to determine how much or how little you need us. The Ossum Tiers are like steps for your future. The lower tiers are the baby steps and the upper tiers, if you are good enough, could help you reach for the star...your star!

What separates Ossum Possum Records from EVERY label is that no one is turned away...no one! American Idol has clearly found some amazing talent. However, what has become of the ones tossed aside, or worse, laughed off stage? Our entry level OSSUM TIERS may be a home for them if they truly believe they have talent and are willing to make a commitment to themselves..

Finally, Ossum Possum Records does not own your publishing. While we will help you to file the Federal PA Forms to protect your Publishing Artist rights as the originator of the music and lyrics, this is ultimately your responsibility. Depending upon which Ossum Tier you are with us, either you or we will file the Federal SR Forms to protect the Sound Recording rights as well.

Page last modified: March 11, 2014